• Rubber Recovering
    • Our two rubber extrusion machines allow us to provide timely service for your recovering requirements
  • Roller Regrinds (Parabolic Crown/Tappered/Parallel)
    • 6 Roll grinders ensure efficient service
  • CNC Precision Grinding (Parabolic Crown/Tappered/Parallel) complete with RollCal Reporting
    • Our larger grinders are fitted with 'CNC' technology and RollCal reporting to ensure that the utmost in precision is achieved.

    Experts In Rubber Roller  Australia
CNC Grinder with RollCal Measuring

    Grind Report [Download]


  • CNC Drilling
    • Our CNC Drilling machine is dedicated specifically for Suction Roller Drilling and Blind Drilling to achieve the correct open area of these rolls.
  • Dynamic Balancing
    • When rolls require balancing, we acheive this using our Dynamic Balancer to suit the standard required for each roll.
  • CNC Grooving
    • Various applications require different grooving. Some of our standard grooving include: spreader rolls, sprial, diamond. For custom grooving please contact our team.
  • Custom Compounding
    • Our in-house mixing facility gives us the flexibility to tailor a compound best suited to the needs of our customer.
  • NDT Crack Testing
    • Roller shells are a vital part of your machinary. When required we are able to have your shell tested, to ensure the quality and saftey of your roll shell.
  • Grit Blasting
    • Roll Shell's are blasted to ensure they are clean for proper adhesion of the covering.
  • Suction Roller Repair
  • Replacement/ Repair of journals
    • Bearing surfaces are important for rolls to run correctly in your machine. We are able to replace or repair the bearing journals where necessary.
  • Bearing removal/ re-fitting
    • When you send your roll to us we offer services to remove and refit your bearings and housings so that when it is returned to you it is ready for installation.