Capabilities Enhanced with Advanced Materials and Techniques

Rubber Roller Recovering

Our advanced machinery includes two robust extrusion machines equipped with the latest technology to offer rapid and efficient roller recovering services, ensuring your rubber rollers regain optimal performance. We incorporate compressed air techniques for clean and efficient preparation of surfaces.

Roller Regrinds and Precision Enhancements

Leveraging the precision of our 6-roll grinders, we specialise in various regrind profiles such as Parabolic Crown/Tapered/Parallel, complemented by advanced machining processes for unparalleled efficiency. Our process utilizes a stationary workpiece and a rotating cutting tool for precise material removal.

CNC Precision Grinding with Enhanced Reporting

Our sophisticated grinders, equipped with CNC technology and detailed RollCal reporting, guarantee exceptional precision. This process is vital for custom profiles such as Parabolic Crown/Tapered/Parallel, ensuring each roller meets stringent standards. We explore types of CNC drilling processes for diverse applications.

Advanced CNC Drilling Process

Specialising in Suction Roller Drilling and Blind Drilling, our CNC drilling machine is optimised for precise operations. This includes the use of specific abrasive media and a controlled drilling operation to achieve the precise open area required for these roles.

Dynamic Balancing with Precision

Utilising our Dynamic Balancer, we employ a meticulous balancing process to achieve the required standard for each roll, enhancing machinery performance and longevity. Blasting media, such as glass bead, is selected carefully to match the type of abrasive needed for each application.

CNC Grooving with Versatility

We offer an array of standard and custom grooving options, including spreader rolls, spiral, and diamond patterns, utilising various abrasive materials like steel grit and walnut shells for surface preparation and introducing glass bead as an alternative blasting media.

Custom Compound Development

Our in-house mixing facility allows us to develop custom compounds tailored to our customers' specific needs, employing a range of abrasive media for optimal results, considering the type of abrasive for each specific application.

NDT Crack Testing and Shell Quality Assurance

Roller shells are crucial to your machinery's performance. Our NDT Crack Testing service ensures the quality and safety of your roller shells, involving surface preparation techniques like grit blasting with steel grit or other abrasive materials for clean and adherent surfaces.

Grit Blasting for Optimal Adhesion

Employing abrasive materials such as steel grit in our grit blasting process ensures thorough surface preparation, essential for the proper adhesion of coverings to roll shells. The blasting media is carefully chosen to match the project requirements, including glass bead for specific finishes.

Suction Roller Repair and Comprehensive Maintenance

We offer a complete suite of services for suction roller repair, including journal replacement or repair, bearing removal, and re-fitting. Our techniques involve advanced machining processes and the utilisation of a gang drilling machine or a multiple spindle drilling machine for precise, efficient results.

By integrating these advanced techniques and materials, such as steel grit for surface preparation, compressed air and glass bead blasting for cleaning, and the use of specific CNC drilling processes, we enhance the performance and longevity of your machinery components. With a focus on quality and precision, our range of capabilities is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring their machinery operates at peak efficiency.