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Polyurethane Roll Coverings Australia

2014 was a busy year for RAPID PACIFIC ROLL COVERING PTY. LTD and saw major investment into Polyurethane roll covers. We have acquired the license of the European skapa roll cover technology S.L. to produce PU roll covers in Australia.

The license covers the production, the distribution, start-up, machine layout as well as the technical support. Due to this know-how-transfer, RAPID PACIFIC is in a position to produce the most modern PU-covers from innovative recipes with skapa-technology in Australia.

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Specialists in Rubber & Polyurethane Roll Coverings

& Roll Grinding Services.

At Rapid we pride ourselves on Service, Product and Reliability. Fully accredited to International Quality Standards ISO:9001, we are committed to providing Quality products to meet the needs of our customers.

With Australias largest and most technically advanced roller recovering facility we are able to provide solutions for rollers of almost any size, for our custoRoll Handling Equipment Australia
mers both nationally and also throughout S.E. Asia.

The requirements for each roll cover vary significantly from each customer and each industry. Our Technical Support team is well versed in the requirements of all types of applications, it is their focus to work closely with our customers, ensuring the right cover is being used for each application; no matter what industry.

To stay forefront in the latest technology we utilise our long time association to various world leaders and access the support of their technology networks.

As you navigate your way through our website you will find information about our HistoryRubber & Polyurethane cover applications, our working capacities and the variety of grinding, grooving and engineering services we provide.

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