History of Supplying Rubber Rollers in Australia

From Humble beginnings

Formed in 1973 by a husband and wife team, Rapid is wholly Australian owned and family operated with a proud history of supplying a wide range of rubber rollers to all industries.

Early expansions saw the installation of our own ruber mixing facility which allowed us to make all compounds in house to better service our customers. Rubber roll covering and grinding were and are still to this day our speciality. Looking for continual advancements and to meet the changing demands of various industries, we started manufacturings and supplying polyurethane roller coverings for a range of different applications.

Our operation was growing; we were servicing much of Australia and entering into New Zealand and Indonesia. Roll coverings were advancing, as were technologies. All this would lead....

To our biggest expansion

Since our aquisition of the roll cover business from Dunlop in 2001, Rapid Pacific has embarked on a complete refurbishing program. From start to finish we have completely reorganised and refitted tthe plant.

This expansion made us the largest roller covering facility in Australia. These were exciting times, as this allowed us to further breach into New Zealand and  the S.E Asian markets.

From our current roll covering facility in Bayswater we were able to centralise our operations to allow stricter quality controls and improve service. New CNC equipment is being installed and updated as technology becomes available, as we continue to service all industries across Australia, New Zealand and throughout S.E Asia