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Industrial Rubber Roller

Polyurethane and Industrial Rubber Rollers for Highly Loaded and Press Rollers

Rubber Rollers Made In Australia

Collaboration with Skapa Roll Cover Technology

In 2014, recognising the need to expand our range of products for both local and international markets, we partnered with the European firm, 'Skapa roll cover technology s.1'. This collaboration, rooted in a licence agreement, has enriched us with cutting-edge technology, proven formulas, and comprehensive technical support. Our aim has been to produce polyurethane roll covers specifically designed for the demanding environments of paper mill press positions.

Expert Guidance from Dr. Benno Bader

A pivotal figure in this journey has been Dr. Benno Bader, Skapa's Technical Director. With a rich background in the industry, including time spent at Voith, Dr. Bader brings unparalleled expertise in the realm of roll covers. His contributions have been instrumental in developing many of the innovative roll covers now widely used in the market. We are privileged to have Dr. Bader's close collaboration on machine design, setup, production techniques, training, and more. His ongoing support ensures that we remain at the forefront of roll cover technology.

The Advantages of Modern PU Roll Covers

Our venture into modern PU roll covers heralds significant opportunities for optimisation across various production aspects. The benefits are multifaceted, ranging from enhanced dewatering and abrasion resistance to the elimination of internal cooling, thereby extending the product's lifespan. Increasingly, PU covers are being chosen over traditional rubber covers for their superior performance and durability.

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