Developments and Innovation

Industrial Rubber Roller

Polyurethane for highly loaded and press rollersRubber Rollers Made In Australia

In our pursuit to supply a wider range of products to our local and international markets, we identified the need for an Australian based manufacturer of polyurethane roll covers suitable for use in the paper mills highly loaded and press positions.

In 2014 we sought the co-operation of European based ‘Skapa roll cover technology s.l.’ and entered into a license agreement which has provided us with the technology, recipes and technical support, along with guidance on machinery, training, and start-up of production.

Technical Director from Skapa, Dr. Benno Bader has a long history in the industry working with Skapa and also with Voith. He is an expert in roll covers and his area of expertise is technology, production, and R&D. Dr. Bader has developed many of the covers currently in the Market.

We are fortunate to be able to work closely with Dr. Bader, who has assisted us on site with machine design, setup, production techniques, and training and will provide us with ongoing technical support.

Skapa’s modern PU roll covers provide enormous potential for optimization. Depending on the area of operation, the entire production and product quality can be influenced. For example, there is improved dewatering, optimized abrasion resistance, elimination of internal cooling and a better lifetime, amongst other advantages. Today, PU covers are increasingly used in positions in place of rubber covers.

To discuss your requirements please contact our technical sales team who will be able to assist you with any enquires.